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Opportunity Leadership

Stop Planning and Start Getting Results

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"Opportunity Leadership is grounded in waiting in anticipation for God-given opportunities to develop that mesh seamlessly with our mission, gifting, and capacity—propelling us to destinations that are heavenly ordained.  

As a result, we become leaders who hone traits that enable us to become highly sensitive to the wind of God and create an organizational culture that allows us to respond to new opportunities with expediency, adeptness, and energy."

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Opportunity Leadership 4 Day YouVersion Reading Plan to Share with Your Team and Constituences

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Table of Contents

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Part 1: Opportunity Leadership Changes Everything

  • A New Model for Ministry Leadership

  • Are You Simply Going Through the Motions?

  • The Big Idea—Sailboats Versus Powerboats

  • Sea Legs or Seasickness

  • Making the Transition to Opportunity Leadership

Part 2: 6 Talents of Opportunity Leaders

  • Leading Without a Plan Is the Plan

  • Staying in Your Lane

  • Making Decisions That Don’t Just Solve the Problem

  • Getting Out in Front

  • Practicing Future-Focused Evaluation

  • Emulating Baseball Managers Instead of Football Coaches

Part 3: 6 Tendencies of Opportunity Leadership Ministries

  • Embracing Speed

  • Getting Comfortable with Risk

  • Flexing for Implementation

  • Learning to Love Roadblocks

  • Realigning Focus

  • Being Like Jesus, Really!

Part 4: Prepare To Be Shocked

  • I Never Planned . . .

  • Epilogue: Opportunity Leadership In Action

This is an incredibly important book that flies in the face of almost everything you’ve been taught about the importance of strategic planning. Roger Parrott wants you to forget for a moment all of the tedious and all-consuming planning that leadership gurus want you to do, and cut yourself loose to see and embrace the opportunities right in front of you. It has been said that sometimes “we can’t see the forest for the trees”—but it is also true that sometimes we can’t see the most important “trees” because we are obsessed by the forest. As the CEO of multiple organizations over my career, I can tell you that virtually all of my “breakthrough moments” had little to do with strategic planning and everything to do with looking, listening, and being available to the opportunities God had placed right in front of me. Do yourself a favor and read Opportunity Leadership.

Richard Stearns

President Emeritus, World Vision US

author of Lead Like It Matters to God and The Hole in Our Gospel

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"Where do you expect the university to be in five or ten years?” is a question I am asked regularly. That’s a very natural question to ask of any CEO because society expects leaders to have a “vision” for the future. And, we’ve been schooled to believe that we must lavishly articulate that vision in measurable outcomes.

When asked that question, my response is—and this is the absolute blunt answer which I’ve even shared in television news interviews—“I have no idea. But I do know that the best plan we could come up with around conference tables pales in comparison to the plan that God has in store for us.”

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“We live in a quick-fix, immediate-impact, short-view world. But we serve a longview God.”

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